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Meet The Team

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Steve Watson

Founder | Designer | Maker

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Jake Watson

Founder | Designer | Maker

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Henry Watson

Sales | Designer | Maker

At Landpod we design and manufacture innovative all-terrain Pods and Cabins. Our unique flat pack structures are built on patented adjustable legs & adaptable platforms which means they can be installed on any type of ground without the need for costly foundations.

A small family business, Landpod is the UK’s leading pop-up Glamping Pod supplier. Landpod is not just for Glamping though, with multiple designs available to hire or buy we make it as easy as pie for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors in absolute comfort by creating a unique outdoor space.

All of our pods are 100% handcrafted from design to manufacture in Great Britain by The Landpod Team.

This idea’s got legs; how it started

For Landpod creators Steve and Jake, it all began - as most great ideas do - with a passion for getting closer to nature, and the love of a challenge!


Steve blames Jake, Jake blames Steve but somewhere in this mix the gauntlet was thrown down to create “a Glamping Pod for a music festival that will keep you feeling human… and won’t sink in a sea of tents”.

Mission accepted and the first Landpod was created in 2012 in time to enjoy a muddy festival season and more than an occasional look of envy.


So why stop there? Steve and Jake did some digging and found that there was a demand for a compact and quirky glamping unit that went far beyond the festival field.


The key, says Jake, was in finding a pop-up alternative to the other structures already out there on the market. We wanted to create something that was as easy to set up as it was take down and that could be installed absolutely anywhere.


Through tweaks and refinement we have honed Landpod’s famous adjustable legs to make the only Glamping solution on the market to NOT require ANY costly foundations or ground preparation.


When we say all-terrain, we mean it!

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