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  • Where can my Landpod be built?
    (Almost) anywhere you like! Your Pod will be delivered by the Landpod team flat packed, so we can install them in even the trickiest of locations. We say that if you can walk to where you want your Landpod then we can build it there. Check out the Landpod Camping Club for details on how our planning team can help with the logistics...
  • Can I tow my Landpod behind my car?
    Yes! However, you can only tow our Cosy Cocoons. On request we can build your new Cosy Cocoon on a fully UK legal trailer base with LED brake lights, indicators and ball joint hook up.
  • Do I need planning permission for my Landpod?
    This all depends on what you are using your Landpod for. In most commercial situations you will need planning but this will be because of the services, access roads or utilities. At Landpod we are authorised by Natural England and the Scottish and Welsh Governments to provide annual site certification (subject to survey) as an alternative to a planning application. This will give you a chance to “test the water” and to provide a good case if you do then decide to go for planning at a later stage. Visit the Landpod Camping Club for more info In most domestic situations you will not need planning. If this applies to you then your permitted development rights grant you the right to use your Landpod for up to 28 days per year for sleeping accommodation. Again, if you start to bury water and waste pipes and alter the landscape then generally you will have to apply for planning. If in doubt you should always seek professional advice.
  • How long will my Landpod last?
    The Landpods have been designed to last for years living outdoors. The modular design means that the main structure and all other elements can be replaced or changed easily.
  • What is the thermal insulated roof?
    We have incorporated a thermally insulated space blanket into the canvas roof to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This also provides a flexible cover that ensures a condensation-free interior. As of July 2020 Landpods are also fitted with double glazed window panels.
  • Does the canvas/cover need any treatment or reproofing?
    No! The robust cover needs very little maintenance, they can even be placed under trees without the worry of tree sap or bird poop damaging them. We don’t even wash ours at Camp Landpod.
  • How do you keep the bugs out?
    You have the option to have bug free netting installed on both sides of your Landpod so that you can enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your bed, this will also provide a cool uninterrupted breeze through your Landpod on those warmer days. Watch it though when you open the door.
  • Are Landpods heated?
    We have recently completed our own tests using a heating system that is usually installed in campervans. These systems run off diesel but we were looking for a cleaner fuel and ran them on bioethanol which proved to be a great alternative. Like any fuel and heating source, it needs to be managed properly and along with the thermal properties, it worked well in the Landpods. The average running costs using bioethanol @ £5 per litre for 2 hours per day made up of half hour durations (plenty) worked out at around £1.85 per day. By far the easiest solution is to have a thermostatic electric heater (similar to a greenhouse heater) but you will have to provide a 13 amp supply. This option may require planning permissions, if in doubt you should always seek professional advice.
  • Can I move my Landpod to a different location on my land?
    We can provide a trailer called a Landpod Transporter which has been designed to enable you to move your Landpod around your site without having to dismantle. Alternatively, the Landpods can be picked up by a forklift with long reach forks (careful of those molehills!)
  • What keeps my Landpod waterproof?
    The tough heavyweight 560GSM blackout PVC cover which is UV protected, Rot-proof, Shrink-proof, Flexible to -20, Reinforced Hems, Corners reinforced with Metal eyelets every 50cm.
  • What's the ROI?
    We know that setting up (or expanding) a glamping business takes a lot of planning and number crunching. Here's a blog we wrote all about ROI
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