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Landpod Camping Exemption Certificate

What's going to happen next?

o Step 1. We will send you an Application Form. You complete this and send this back to us. We will then conduct our desk study assessment.

o Step 2. We will then contact your local council and any neighbours you provided us in the Application Form. (£300 +vat charge)

o Step 3. After 28 day consultation period, if we can proceed with your application, we will carry out a site survey which will include an action plan. (£200 +vat fee.)

o Step 4. We then provide you with your exclusive Landpod Camping Club membership and the Certificate for your site. (This is your annual certification fee. £200 +vat)

o Step 5. If you decide to renew your site certification and membership to Landpod Camping Club after 12 months, we review update your certificate. (£200 certification renewal fee)

Start your journey.
Become a Landpod certified site.


Thanks for submitting!

What you need to know.

The Secretary of State along with the Scottish and Welsh Government have granted Landpod Camping Club a certificate of exemption which (subject to survey) means that your proposed site can be certificated for a period of 12 months for the exclusive use of Landpods all terrain camping pods. This will enable you to “test the water” whilst operating an exclusive Glamping experience on your land and hopefully this will lead to a more permanent planning application in the future.


Our certification does not mean an application to the local Planning Authority or National Park even though we do consult with them during our survey to ask for their comments. We ask them to respond within 28 days and if we don’t receive a response then we proceed with step 3. One of our conditions is that we will only certificate the site for the exclusive use of Landpod structures. This means that during the consultation period with neighbours and the Local Authority, they can be assured that the site will not be a camping menagerie and the Landpod brand, colours and designs can be expected throughout the period of certification.

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