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Aye up Fred: a heartwarming customer story of a woodland & a robin...

It's not often that emails will make Landpod co-founder Steve emotional but a recent exchange with a customer did just that!

It wasn't simply this wonderful story of connection that Jackie and David, Pod owners and now campfire converts, shared that touched our hearts (we admit it wasn't only Steve!), it was about of the importance of honouring memories and of connecting to nature.

For to us it also served as a reminder of why we strive to add a personal touch to every Landpod designs and installations.

It was one of the best conversations I've had for a while :-)

The new Landpod campfire comes with the option to add a custom design to the side panel and to mark their wedding anniversary this customer chose the words: Jackie & Dave, Celebrating 48 Years Together

But there was more... Here's an excerpt of what Jackie sent to us (shared with permission):

We have a big ask .... would it be possible to have something on the 3rd side as well?

The only reason we were able to buy the wood was because of mum and dad passing away. We sold our house and moved along the street to my family home that dad had built when I was 2 and it's where Dave and I did our courting! It needed a complete renovation .... new roof, electrics, central heating, kitchen, bathroom, you get the drift. With what was left we were able to buy Ash Ridge Wood.

He died in 2010 at the age of 91 and only a couple of years previously he'd made the trip with mum to see my brother and his family in Australia. Dad used to walk our springer spaniels twice a day until he was too poorly. He was incredibly active. On his walks down our lane to the local fields he used to drop stones on the muddy footpaths to keep them walkable and he'd plant saplings or a wild rose here and there. Walking those fields brought him immense joy. He was what you would call a 'character'. When we're in our wood we very often reflect on how dad would have loved being there.

On his morning walk, Dad used to feed a Robin from his hand. He'd reach the first bench on the second field and shout 'Come on, Come on' and the Robin blinking well came! Other walkers couldn't believe it. So, Dad's 'emblem' is the Robin and when we feed them in the Wood we say 'Aye up Fred'.

It would be wonderful if we could have the cut out of a Robin with 'Fred' underneath or alongside it. All of our family and friends understand how important the Robin is to us and they will 'get it'.

there is no need to wait for a big '0' to celebrate something.... Seize the moment, celebrate, don't hang about, life can be so short!

Thank you to Jackie for sharing her story with us. If you have a similar story to tell then please do share, we love to hear how our pods and campfires help honour and make memories for you and your guests.


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