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How to build your off-grid shower and toilet

The Wetroom is Landpod’s off-grid shower and toilet solution that is customisable with varying toilet and heating options to suit your requirements. Read on for the full spec…

What you get:

The Wetroom, £7,300 Exc. VAT

Things you need to consider:


  • What water supply will you have to the Wetroom?

  • Is it a mains supply or refillable water tank?


  • What provisions do you have for grey water disposal?

  • Will it empty into a suitable container or septic tank?


  • Do you have a mains power connection?

  • Is a leisure battery needed to power the boiler pump?

And don’t forget that your installation will have to comply with environmental regulations!

Shower heating options:

  • LPG gas boiler system (price range £100-£300) LPG Gas bottle required

  • Electric Instant Shower system (price range £150-£300) Mains electric required

Toilet options:

  • Compostable toilet (price range £350-£780)

  • Standard toilet (needs mains water supply and provision for waste disposal)

Delivery & Installation

The Landpod Team will deliver your Wetroom Landpod to anywhere in Mainland UK



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