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THE WETROOM     £12,000+VAT

Fresh morning shower? Trip to the loo in the middle of the night? Post forage hand wash? We all like to feel fresh as a daisy, even when going off-grid for a few nights!


Introducing The Wetroom, our complete off-grid toilet and shower solution wrapped up one beautifully handcrafted bundle. 


Based on our iconic Landpod base, the internal structure is constructed from durable non slip plastic, fusion welded together to create a perfectly water tight base. We're even bringing the stars inside with internal waterproof LED lighting powered by portable battery charged by solar panel. 


And just like our other pods, The Wetroom comes with options so you can fully customise to suit your needs. Read on for those bespoke options...


We only supply the wetroom structure with the intergrated non concussive shower ready for you to plug in your water supply.


Shower details:

Integrated non concussive shower system 


Toilet options:

  • Compostable toilet (price range £350-£780)

  • Standard toilet (needs mains water supply and provision for waste disposal, septic tank)


Shower heating options:

  • LPG gas boiler system (price range £100-£300) LPG Gas bottle required

  • Electric Instant Shower system (price range £150-£300) Mains electric required


Things you need to think about:

  • What water supply do you have to the Wetroom? Main supply or refillable water tank.

  • What provisions do you have for grey water disposal? Grey water can be disposed in a soak away.

  • Mains power connection or leisure battery needed to power boiler pump?


  • Wetroom flooring constructed from antislip recycled boarding, fusion welded to create a water tight interior

  • Internal waterproof LED lighting system

  • Solar powered internal lighting and battery pack

  • Built on the Landpod transporter trailer so it can be easily moved around your site

  • Adjustable legs and platform allows to be built on any type of ground

  • Durable plastic coated steel roof

  • No need for costly foundations

  • High security lock on the door

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