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Landpod Biz: Return on Investment

So you're thinking of adding a Landpod to your Glamping site?

We know that setting up (or expanding) a glamping business takes a lot of planning and number crunching. That's why we created the Landpod Camping Club, designed so that we can take the weight of some of those logistics off of your shoulders.

Oh my Pod!

Our unique pods are designed and built by us in our workshop in Staffordshire and it all started when we wanted to make a sleeping pod that would enable everyone to nestle down a bit closer to nature, whatever the terrain! You can discover more about our beginnings here.

Let's talk numbers

We've broken down your possible return on investment with a Landpod on your glamping site. This is based on our best selling Woodland Lodge Landpod.

Woodland Lodge* = £9,800.00

Average rate per night = low season £50 / high season £80 (low estimate)

Annual turnover based on 8 months use at 40% occupancy in low and 70% in high = £10,840

*price is for basic pod package. Prices correct at time of writing.


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