The Alfresco Pod combines all the best bits of a unique glamping experience with a dose of what we at Landpod love the most; being outdoors!


We’ve sipped the wine, supped the beer and dined on BBQ’s galore to perfect the balance of luxury and essentials to make sure each Alfresco Pod is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your time outside, and more if you want it!


From insanely squidgy luxurious seating to the large table to the wine rack, this pod is built for you to enjoy from sunrise to sunset - and all the meals in between. And no matter how wonky, muddy or rock solid your space is, the nifty all-terrain legs on the 6 seater Alfresco Pod means no excuses to sit, eat and relax in your garden with family and friends.


We can’t promise your legs will be as stable at the end of the party though….   


What about foundations and a level surface? Just relax. All Landpod’s come with inbuilt zen; the clever adjustable legs and base elevate your pod of choice off the ground with meaning no need for any expensive surface prep. The Landpod team can build your new Pod anywhere you choose in just one hour.


How costly is the upkeep? Our pods are designed to last. Inspired by nature, everyone at Landpod knew that each element of every pod needed to add to its surroundings both aesthetically and sustainably. The maintenance free designs mean you can keep your chosen pod outside all year round.


We have 2 roof options for you: Heavyweight Blackout PVC cover or Timber Cladded Roof both with the option of thermal foil insulation.




Winter Pack includes: 2x windows, latches and lockable door


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The Alfresco Pod

    • Seats up to 6 adults
    • Fully waterproof 560GSM blackout PVC cover
    • Wine Rack
    • Handcrafted Oak Table
    • Motion sensor LED light
    • Porthole windows x 2
    • Entrance steps
    • Benches x 4

    Optional Extras:

    • Luxurious cushions 
    • Sunken LED lights
    • Winter Pack 
    • Larch cladded roof 

JAKE: 07804 243 565

STEVE: 07715 728 967


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