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Key Features

Each Landpod is built bespoke, using innovative design techniques, the base of each Pod is universal so you can swap between designs or if your Pods gets maliciously damaged we can replace any part easily and stress free.

Unique & eye catching Glamping design attracts guests looking for a truly unique experience.

Choice of waterproof cover for your Landpod,

we have 3 options:

1. Blackout PVC Cover

2. Welsh Timber Larch roof

3. Space Blanket Insulation on all options 

Elevate you off the ground while you sleep.

Clever & Unique all terrain adjustable legs and platform allow us to install your Landpod in areas which would be unsuitable for other accommodation.

Designed and built with the environment in mind, non invasive to the land, the all terrain legs keep the Pods off the ground and leave no trace.

Flip up the waterproof cover when the sun is shining to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort.

The flat pack design allows for effortless transportation, storage and easy to move around your site or garden.

There are no permanent fixtures or fittings.

No planning permission needed when setting up a Glamping village.

From quirky accommodation to luxury garden spaces. Our Pods & Cabins can be used for many functions; The Ultimate Kids Den, Garden Office, Alfresco Dining Space and much more.

Delivery & Installation

We offer a delivery and installation service on all our Pods & Cabins. We can deliver nationwide and worldwide. For a tailored delivery and installation cost please email or call us. 

All our Pods & Cabins are delivered flat packed, this allows us to install your new Landpod anywhere, whether its deep in a forest, on top of a hill and or at the other side of a field. 

Don't worry about ground preparation or costly foundations, your Landpod has adjustable legs and platform so we can build them anywhere!

Why not try a Landpod out for yourself? We would love to invite you to our Landpod woodland in Staffordshire, we have all our designs set up in a beautiful forest waiting for you to try out.

Call or email us to arrange a visit. 

JAKE: 07804 243 565

STEVE: 07715 728 967


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